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Welcome to Kindergarten, where children build foundations to create bright futures!

Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their families. All our elementary schools offer Kindergarten for Year 1 (JK) and Year 2 (SK). Online Kindergarten Registration. Before you begin, refer to Steps 1, 2, 3 below.

Quality early-learning experiences have the potential to improve children's overall health and well-being for a lifetime. Our Kindergarten classrooms are caring, safe, inclusive and accepting learning environments that encourage children to reach their full potential. At HPEDSB, we believe that a partnership between educators and families is key to promoting the resilience and overall well-being of children.

We understand that parents/guardians want to know about their children's learning and progress in school. We're here to help explain what to expect.

Our Kindergarten Programs are...

  • Flexible and responsive to individual differences
  • Designed to allow children to learn in unique ways
  • Supportive learning environments that promote creativity, learning through play and problem-solving
  • Spaces that encourage independent thinking, connection building and understanding feelings
  • Guided by a classroom teacher and early childhood educator team