Exciting new Skilled Trades pathways tool

Exciting new Skilled Trades planning tool for HPEDSB students
Posted on 02/28/2023

February 28, 2023—With over one hundred skilled trades career options available, it can be challenging for students to learn about their post-secondary options and to understand what training and education is needed to set them on the path to a successful career in the trades.

To help families overcome the ambiguity of skilled trades pathways, HPEDSB Experiential Learning Coordinator and OYAP Recruiter, Sean Pudlis, created an online Skilled Trades Planning Tool. The tool was created to assist students and their families to learn about the different skilled trades pathways available, and the training required to begin their journey to a career in skilled trades. 

To learn more about a specific trade, select a trade name from the drop-down list in the planning tool to generate results with general trade information, training requirements and other important information associated with that skilled trade. 

At HPEDSB secondary schools, students have a number of options for experiential learning, during both the regular school year and the summer, to determine if they wish to pursue a career in skilled trades:

Contact the secondary school office or guidance team to learn more about skilled trades pathways at HPEDSB schools.