Together to Learn: Prom

New session in the Together to Learn Series: Let's talk about prom and parties
Posted on 05/08/2024
Together to Learn: Let's talk about prom and partiesOn May 16, join us for another free, impactful session in the Together to Learn online series for parents and caregivers.

In this session, Steve Keller, program developer and national speaker for Drug Free Kids Canada, will discuss topics parents and teens should make sure they talk about and clarify before prom or parties, including: pre-drinking, rules regarding substance use or possession at school functions, sober driving, protecting oneself from drug-assisted assaults, mixing drugs, signs and risks of overdose, responding to emergency situations and more!

The workshop will begin with a section on discussion strategies and best practices for who a parent should plan to speak with before the big night, as well as how to engage with their youth on these topics, with examples of things to say and responses they can give.

The session will be from 6-7 PM. Please register with your email. You will receive a link by email to join the session.