Education Centre Contacts

Contact information for Education Centre departments is listed below. Call 613-966-1170 or 1-800-267-4350, with extensions for the various departments.

Accounting Services Ext. 62218 email [email protected] 

Business Services Ext. 62981 email [email protected] 

Communications Services Ext. 62354 email [email protected]

Community Use of Schools/Rentals  Ext. 62361 email [email protected]

Curriculum Services Ext. 62299 email [email protected]

Director's Office Ext. 62201 email [email protected]

Facility Services Ext. 62200 email [email protected]

Freedom of Information requests Ext. 62354 email [email protected]

Human Resource Support Services Ext. 62106 email [email protected]

Information and Technology Services Ext. 62362 email [email protected]

Innovation and Inclusion Services Ext. 62204 email [email protected]

Payroll and Benefits Ext. 62519 email [email protected]

Procurement/Purchasing Services Ext. 62234 email [email protected]

Quinte Adult Education 613-962-3133 email [email protected]

Student Services (mental health
  services, Special  Education) Ext. 62237 email [email protected]

Tri-Board Transportation Services 613-354-1981 email [email protected]