How strong is a cardboard boat? These students found out

November 26, 2019-How strong is a cardboard boat? How is one built using only duct tape? Will it float with weight in it? Those are some of the questions secondary school students explored recently.

Students from Bayside Secondary School and Centennial Secondary School participated in the Skills Canada/Ontario Cardboard Boat Races.

Leading up to the November 26th competition, Grade 12 Physics students researched, designed, test-built and test-floated prototypes. On competition day, they transposed the small designs into full-scale models using only cardboard and duct tape as building materials. They had two hours to complete the build.

Students Work Together
Students work together on the design and structure of their boat.

Students working together measuring and taping their boat
Measurements are taken and duct tape applied. The more tape, the better...

Group of students decorating their cardboard boat
A festive cardboard boat? Students add their creative touches to make their unique design even more unique!

Students test their cardboard boats in the water
Students put their boats to the test. How far will boats float? How much weight will they hold?

Teams of four are provided all the necessary materials to build a boat in just two hours. Students must use their problem-solving, teamwork and design skills as they create a seaworthy structure

Teams were judged on the quality of construction, planning and design, safety and cleanliness, teamwork and team spirit, visual appeal and essential skills knowledge. Then they took to the pool for speed and a weight challenges.

The competition took place at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre.

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