Board Meeting Summary, May 23, 2023

Board Meeting Summary, May 23, 2023
Posted on 05/23/2023
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May 23, 2023—This is a summary of the May 23, 2023 public meeting of the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. Official minutes will be approved at the next regular meeting.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Lands

Recited by Lawson Hung, Student Trustee, Trenton High School: As Trustees for Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board and as settlers to this land, we acknowledge and honour the land on which we reside, occupy and meet as part of the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat and Anishinabek people. These Indigenous Nations agreed to mutual sharing obligations and responsibilities as stewards of the land and water. Today these responsibilities and obligations extend to all Peoples. These lands are steeped in rich Indigenous history, traditions and modern cultures that are proud and vibrant. The Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board supports and is committed to the stewardship of the land, and the responsibilities that we hold to ensure learning, education programs and services support all staff and students.

Presentation: De-streaming at Central Hastings School

The Central Hastings School team shared its approach to and successes implementing de-streaming at a K-12 school. One goal was to increase the number of students achieving 8 credits in Grade 9. Current data indicates a 90.5% success rate for credits. Another goal was to help more students believe they can achieve success in an academic pathway in Grade 10 and beyond. The data indicates increases of 12%, 8% and 16% in choosing Academic Math, Science and English respectively. The team has been using the universal design for learning which enables educators to choose their starting point and next steps in teaching and learning.

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Thank you the presenters: Rob Garden, Vice-principal; Louise Gunning, Principal; and Sarah Wannamaker, Teacher.

Report from Trustees Appointed to External Organizations Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA)

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • Chair Binder attended the OPSBA Board of Directors meeting on April 28-29. Highlights from that meeting included:
    • a robust discussion on Bill 98 "Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act”
    • an overview of recent media activity and OPSBA's past, present and future advocacy and awareness planning an update on OPSBA's partnership with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, specifically the Healthy Democracy Project for greater civic engagement and awareness of the role of municipal government, more respect for the people engaged in democratic processes, and encourage greater participation in local democracy
  • Earlier this month OPSBA President Cathy Abraham and Executive Director Stephanie Donaldson presented to the Standing Committee on Social Policy on Bill 98 "Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act". Their timeslot was shared with Skills Ontario and The Toronto DSB. Ottawa-Carlton DSB also addressed the committee, as did two individual trustees from member boards. The OPSBA final submission can be found on their website. Next steps: OPSBA will continue to monitor and follow the bill through the legislative process. Bill 98 amendments were due and clausal review occurred on May 16. Following that review the bill will return to the House for the Third Reading debate. OPSBA will continue to work with the Ministry of Education on the numerous guidelines, policies, and regulations that will stem from this bill.
  • President Cathy Abraham also appeared, along with Minster Lecce, on TVO's The Agenda on May 9 to discuss Bill 98, the role of trustees and back to the basics For the OPSBA "Take your MPP to School Day" initiative, Chair Binder and I will be touring Central Hastings School this Thursday, and we will be joined by Vice-chair Prinzen on Friday for a tour of PECI #MPPSchoolDay OPSBA's AGM is June 8-10 at Blue Mountain. Priorities and directions for the coming year will be determined, and trustees will have the chance to attend a variety of PD and networking sessions and listen to some great keynote speakers including Karl Subban.
  • OPSBA Elections will be held at the AGM in June. Any HPEDSB trustee can run for the Eastern Regional Chair position, the nomination deadline has passed, however nominations from the floor are welcome if no nominations were received by deadline.  
  • Eastern Region Update: The PPAN (Public Property Assessment Network Scholarship) Award Committee will meet later this month to determine a successful Eastern Region Applicant.
  • Eastern Region stop for OPSBA President Abraham and Executive Director Donaldson Provincial Tour takes place this Thursday hosted by Ottawa and Renfrew school boards.

Standing Committee reports

Governance and Policy Committee, May 15, 2023

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • review of the Board Annual Work Plan;
  • committee meeting schedule for 2023-2024;
  • topics for trustee professional learning sessions; and
  • a draft trustee honoraria policy.

Board members approved a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between HPE Learning Foundation and Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. Find out more starting page 24 of the May 23, 2023 agenda.

Student Learning, Well-Being and Equity Committee, May 1, 2023

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • tutoring supports for students;
  • mental health and well-being resources and professional development for staff;
  • the Equity Action Plan and upcoming professional learning; and
  • committee meeting dates for the 2023-2024 school year.

Physical Planning, Finance and Building Committee, May 8, 2023

Highlights from this report included the following: 

  • review of the preliminary draft budget;
  • contingency plan for Easthill Elementary School; and
  • committee meeting dates for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Statutory Committee reports

    Special Education Advisory Committee, April 27, 2023

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • budget update;
    • elementary resource and secondary regional programs for 2023-2024; 
    • tri-board SEAC meeting is May 31, 2023;
    • updates from sub-committees (mental health, IEPs); and
    • correspondence received.

    Board members approved the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario Local Association appointment of Ryan Howard, to the Special Education Advisory Committee for the balance of the four-year term of the Board­­­­­­­­­­­­. Find out more starting page 34 of the May 23, 2023 agenda.

    Board members approved amendments to the Special Education Plan for 2022-2023. Find out more starting page 35 of the May 23, 2023 agenda.

    Supervised Alternative Learning Committee, April 26 and May 17, 2023

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • approved 12 students at the April meeting and six students at the May meeting for the purpose of obtaining credits in an alternative learning setting. 

    Advisory Committee reports

    Accessibility Advisory Committee, May 10, 2023

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • update about the Accessibility Plan; and
    • search for a new committee member.

    Student Discipline Committee

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • seven students have been expelled to date this school year; each has a learning plan to stay engaged while expelled from school.

    Student Voice Committee, April 28, 2023

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • hosted a successful Student Voice Conference earlier this month focused on mental health and discussions about how to make positive change at their schools, including in washrooms; and
    • election of two new student trustees (see below).

    2023-2024 Student Trustees

    Welcome Clara Vance, North Hastings High School as Indigenous Student Trustee and Aashvi Shah, Centennial Secondary School as Student Trustee for the 2023-2024 school year. Both will begin their term on August 1, 2023. Julia Webster, Eastside Secondary School, will return for a second year. Find out more starting page 96 of the May 23, 2023 agenda.

    three students

    Student trustees for the 2023-2024 school year: Julia Webster, Eastside Secondary School; Clara Vance, North Hastings High School, representing the Indigenous voices; Aashvi Shah, Centennial Secondary School. 

    Administrative Committee reports

    Mental Health Leadership Team, May 16, 2023  

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • update about Mental Health Week the first week of May;
    • recap of mental health promotion activities that occur throughout the school year; 
    • appreciation to public health nurses for their work in elementary and secondary schools;
    • update about the Kairos addictions program and the connections to mental health, as well as funding for the program;
    • naloxone kits in schools; and
    • updating the Terms of Reference.

    Report from the Chair

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • joined The HPE Learning Foundation Board meeting as observers on April 26;
    • attended the sold out Labour Relations Symposium;
    • represented HPEDSB at the OPSBA Board of Director's meeting
    • participated in the Inspiring Excellence Awards Celebration; and
    • reminded about the upcoming Learning Foundation Student Benefit Auction on Friday, June 2 at The Grand in Belleville.
    • Other reports from trustees included judging the Quinte Regional Science & Technology Fair; attending the spring performance "16 in 10 Minutes" at Centennial Secondary School; and participation in the 2-part Intensive Human Rights training; attending the Celebration of Dance at Harry J. Clarke Public School.

    Report from the Director of Education

    Highlights from this report included the following:

    • DELF: 10 students from area secondary schools wrote the DELF exam at HPEDSB as a pilot. DELF is a standardized exam that denotes French language proficiency for those outside of France. Each exam evaluates four communication skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. We are excited about the opportunities to provide this service locally for our students and to its expansion!  Many thanks to Bessie Stelatos and Patricia Murrell for making this a possibility.

    • Skills Ontario: A number of participants from Bayside SS competed at the provincial level  Congrtuations to Ian Ketcheson who won Gold in welding for the second year in a row. Ian was in Winnipeg last week at the Canada Skills Competition. Many thanks to our technology teachers at Bayside SS and Sean Pudlis, OYAP coordinator for supporting students to have this opportunity.  We had guidance teachers, female students and others attend skills to experience and watch the competition.

    • Schulich Scholarship winner from NHHS: Qwin Goodwin, graduating student. Qwin has been awarded a $120,000 Schulich Leadership Scholarship to pursue his interest in space. Qwin is going to Queens next year. One hundred are awarded to entrepreneurial-minded high school graduates enrolling in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math program at 20 partner universities across Canada. Half are valued at $120,000 for engineering scholarships and half are valued at $100,000* for science and math scholarships. Every high school in Canada can nominate one graduating student each year to apply for the scholarship and there are often over 1,500 nominees across Canada. Congratulations to Qwin!

    • New legislation: Many have heard Minister of Education Stephen  Lecce talk about Bill 98 Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act. Changes enable the the Minister able to set priorities.  Discussion about outcomes and provincial results, our multi-year strategic plan identifies a priority of the Board to “Increase student success and achievement." EQAO, literacy, math, graduation are all a part of this goal.

    • Tonight you heard about graduation rates; other reports have come before the Board of Trustees about our progress in reading and math, EQAO, credit accumulation. Next month a report comes about our progress in OYAP and SHSM.

    • There is no doubt that we need to keep a strong focus in these areas. As you know, we have students doing amazing things.  There are also students who need additional support and opportunities to be successful. This is our work. There is no reason that our students are not graduating and achieving at the same rate as the rest of the province so there is work to do. 

    • Our focus this year has been to raise the bar in reading, math, de-streaming and equity. We will renew this focus, drill down to specifics and will look to move the needle on these items for the students who have not had success to date.

    Staff reports

    Communications Services

    This report provided an overview of activities undertaken by Communications Services to support the priorities outlined in the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. A visual presentation was included in the presentation. Find out more starting on page 97 of the May 23, 2023 agenda.

    Summer Learning and Mental Health Supports

    This report outlined summer learning and mental health supports planned for students this summer. Summer learning opportunities will be available K-12 through virtual and in-person formats. The learning experiences will support students to participate in credit and non-credit program offerings. As well, the opportunities will support gap closing in learning and skill development  Find out more starting on page 99 of the  May 23, 2023 agenda.

    Graduation rates

    In 2004, the Ministry of Education began gathering data and communicating provincial and school board graduation rates. The Ministry retrieves data from the Ontario Student Information System (OnSIS) for the purposes of calculating graduation rates. A school board’s graduation cohort is the group of students who were enrolled with that school board on October 31 of their Grade 9 year. The calculation of the graduation rates subtracts students who are deceased or have left Ontario from the total cohort number. Find out more starting on page 101 of the  May 23, 2023 agenda.

    De-streaming report

    Academic streaming is a process of dividing students into differentiated groups based on their perceived academic ability and/or prior achievement. Streaming has a disproportionate impact on people from marginalized and racialized populations. De-streaming is an educational approach that supports the achievement of equitable outcomes for every learner and provides equity of hope, opportunity and outcomes for all students. Beginning in September 2022, all Grade 9 Applied courses were removed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Grade 9 students have been taking de-streamed courses (Math and Science) or Academic courses (English, French, Geography). Find out more starting on page 103 of thMay 23, 2023 agenda.

    Calendar of Events

    Trustee events

    • OPSBA AGM June 8-10, 2023

    Upcoming meetings

    • May 25: Special Education Advisory Committee
    • May 25: Food for Learning Committee
    • May 29: Student Learning, Well-Being and Equity Committee
    • May 30: Parent Involvement Committee at Central Hastings School
    • June 5: Physical Planning, Finance and Building Committee
    • June 7: Supervised Alternative Learning Committee
    • June 7: Indigenous Education Advisory Committee
    • June 8: Special Education Advisory Committee
    • June 12: Governance and Advisory Committee
    • June 14: Equity Advisory and Inclusivity Committee
    • June 19: Regular Public Board Meeting

    Community events

    • May 29, 20, 31: Community Drop-ins for the Long-term Capital and Accommodation Plan, William R. Kirk Building on Palmer Road, Belleville

    School events

    • May 24: Queen Elizabeth School, Track & Field Day at Eastside Secondary School
    • May 25: Deseronto Public School, Grade 3 & 4 Outdoor Learning at Ameliasburgh Heritage Museum
    • May 26: CML Snider School, Fun Fair
    • May 31: Frankford Public School, Track and Field Day
    • May 31: Harry J. Clarke Public School, Eastside School Group Track and Field at Quinte Mohawk School
    • June 1: Bayside Secondary School, National Indigenous History Month Celebration
    • June 5: Harry J. Clarke Public School, Family Event, Community Organization and Supports Display with Guest Speaker Jack Veitch from the Canadian Mental Health Association
    • June 7: Harry J. Clarke Public School, Kindergarten Registration, 5:30 PM
    • June 13: Bayside Secondary School, Athletic Awards Banquet
    • June 13: Central Hastings School, “Murder in the Air” evening drama performance
    • June 13: Deseronto Public School, Grade 4 & 5 Guided Tour and Hike at Presqu’ile Provincial Park
    • June 13: Eastside Secondary School, Ken’niyohontehsa’ Festival (Strawberry Festival)
    • June 13: Queen Elizabeth School, Farewell Community Celebration, 4:00 PM
    • June 14: Massassaga-Rednersville Public School, Kindergarten Orientation at 5:00 PM
    • June 15: Year-end Assembly and BBQ Funfest
    • June 15: Central Hastings School, Secondary Athletics Banquet
    • June 15 & 16: CML Snider School, “The Claw” musical
    • June 16: Prom Evening
    • June 19: Central Hastings School, Pride Walk
    • June 20: Madoc Township Public School, Junior Baseball
    • June 20: Massassaga-Rednersville Public School, School Fun Fair
    • June 21: CML Snider School, Kindergarten Orientation
    • June 21: Queen Elizabeth School, Pancake Breakfast, 8:30 AM
    • June 22: CML Snider School, Talent Show
    • June 22: Madoc Township Public School, Intermediate Baseball
    • June 23: Madoc Township Public School, Kindergarten Orientation

    For more information, please contact Kerry Donnell, Communications and Privacy Manager, 613-966-1170, extension 62354, or 613-847-0696, or [email protected]