HPEDSB and The Learning Foundation MOU

HPEDSB and The Learning Foundation reaffirm their joint commitment to students
Posted on 06/14/2023

Joint release on behalf of HPEDSB and The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation.

HPEDSB and The Learning Foundation reaffirm their joint commitment to students

Memorandum of understanding in place for the next five years

MOU contract signing

Signing of the MOU with (L to R) Katherine MacIver, Director of Education; Shannon Binder, HPEDSB Chair of the Board; Geoff Cudmore, HPELF Chair of the Board; and Kellie Brace, HPELF Operations Manager.

June 14, 2023—A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between two organizations: the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) and The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation (The Learning Foundation). These two organizations have a long-standing relationship serving students in education and fundraising capacities, respectively.

The agreement reaffirms the relationship between the two organizations and their joint commitment to providing HPEDSB students with supports to be successful in school. Through the MOU, HPEDSB commits to providing ongoing assistance to The Learning Foundation with in-kind and financial contributions. This will support The Learning Foundation to raise funds for programs that will help HPEDSB students maximize their learning experiences.

The Learning Foundation provides programs and resources that enhance student learning, well-being and achievement. Current programs include the following:

  • School food programs through Food for Learning. Schools serve over 1,000,000 meals and snacks each school year.
  • Student Emergency Fund, which provides emergency support to students and their families. During this school year, over 250 applications valued at approximately $50,000 will be approved.
  • Nutrition Cupboards at five secondary schools, where students access food and household supplies to take home, no questions asked.

Programs are available to all students and aim to remove barriers in a non-stigmatizing way to help students actively participate in all aspects of school.

HPEDSB serves approximately 15,300 students each day at 39 in-person schools and one K-8 virtual school. Supporting student achievement is the goal of approximately 1,800 teaching and support staff who, in addition to the contributions of caring volunteers and community partners, share their passion for teaching and learning. The district covers a geographic area of 7,220 square kilometres bordered by Maynooth to the north, Deseronto to the east, Prince Edward County to the south and Quinte West to the west.


Shannon Binder, Chair of the Board, HPEDSB
“This MOU represents a new era of HPEDSB and The Learning Foundation working together for students. Families struggle quietly and often without others knowing what they’re facing on a daily basis. The Learning Foundation is the charity of choice for HPEDSB and the programs benefit HPEDSB students. We are looking forward to this fresh start and ongoing collaboration with The Learning Foundation.”

Geoff Cudmore, Board Chair, The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation
“The Board and staff of The Learning Foundation are very pleased to have such a great partner in HPEDSB. We look forward to working together to meet the needs of the students of this area.”